All In for Seymour holds First Monthly Eat and Greet

May 23, 2024- SEYMOUR- All In for Seymour hosted an Eat and Greet gathering at Trinity Church in Seymour, the first in a planned monthly series. The evening offered an opportunity for neighbors to break bread, connect with each other, and learn about the ways people in our community are struggling to afford the essentials (learn more here) and help each other stay housed and fed.

In a rousing game of "Never Have I Ever," attendees discovered common ground through sharing answers to questions like: have you ever had to put back an item in the grocery store? have you ever volunteered? have you ever regretted a tattoo? have you ever attended a protest? Participants also had the opportunity to hear from Oxford Neighbor to Neighbor Pantry Steward and Seymour Oxford Food Bank director Kristina Walton, who shared information about the newly expanded hours and offerings at the Food Bank. Walton also shared her personal story of struggling to feed her own family, despite living in a 2- (and sometimes 3-) income household. She implored everyone present not only to encourage their friends and loved ones to spread the word about the Food Bank, but also to help end the stigma around asking for help.

All In for Seymour has started the Eat and Greet dinner and conversation series in order to invite neighbors to get to know each other and work together to make it possible for everyone in Seymour to have a home and dependable access to food. Gene Chapman, the evening's MC, shared his own stories of hardship, interwoven with a good deal of humor. Guests described the event as both fun and informative.

Future Eat and Greet gatherings will be held monthly on the fourth Thursday from 6:00 pm - 8:30 pm. To learn about the latest gathering click here.

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